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Uveous have been developed from the beginning to address
the core challenges and workflows of different-different industries.

Our strength lies in understanding, refining and translating business enterprise processes into highly customized and efficient solutions.
With over a decade of experience in serving clients from various industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Trading, Financial Sector, Real Estate, etc.
we have amassed unparalleled domain expertise and gained invaluable insights into the functioning of these industries. Our knowledge and experience puts us in a unique position to deliver world-class domain specific solutions and services on-time and within budget.


ERP/CRM Solution

On the form for configuring WebForm, enter basic fields about the WebForm: the name used in CRM and target entity. Target entity is CRM entity whose record will be created with each WebForm submission. Let is create a Lead WebForm.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems help you better understand your customers needs and how to meet those needs while enhancing your bottom line. CRM systems link up information about customers from a variety of sources, including email, websites, physical stores, call centers, mobile sales, and marketing and advertising efforts.

CRM data flows between operational systems (like sales and inventory systems) and analytical systems that sort through CRM data for patterns.


Web Development

A basic website structure, no matter how well it is designed or developed, fails to fit in role of an online business platform without due support of integrated web applications. These applications are such an integral part of a website that in general they are regarded as one to the website.

However, if these applications are not developed as per requisite standards then they fail to achieve desired results. And therefore, to achieve the best results from your web property, it is necessary to employ service of the best web application development agency. Some of the most notable reasons of why you require web application development service are mentioned below.


Mobile App Development

Today there are 929 million mobile subscribers in India (as on June 2014), out of which 185 million i.e. 20% uses Internet on their phones. And 40% of these mobile Internet users access Internet through their Smart phones. Latest reports by Neilsen states India is the fastest growing smart phone market in the world. With a growth rate of 52% in the year 2013, for the first time it has surpassed the growth rate of feature phones.

9 out of 10 smart phone users today in India are on Android. India is considered to be one of the top countries across the world for App consumption with Rank 3 on Google play store. Due to this high consumption of smart phones and in turn application, it becomes indispensable for marketers to tap the application market in order to connect with their upgrading consumers.


Custom Software Development

Our Custom Software Development Services leverage the technical expertise of our professionals who are empowered with latest technology software and tools, to offer customized applications of various flavours including business intelligence solutions, e-business solutions, custom application development and CRM solutions. With meticulously chalked out designs, our solutions can significantly save the annual budget of any organization by rationalizing the systems.
Uveous specializes in highly customized website application development services that include variety of technology and tools to achieve the desired results and business propositions. These need-based, highly functionality designs help improve the bottom line by increasing productivity, enhancing information & business process transparency and escalating business system efficiency. Our highly innovative and customized website application development services have profited numerous clients with their feature-rich and highly focussed designs and architecture.
We analyses the exact nature and working of customer system & resources to design, develop and implement the suitable solution that stimulates the existing system. We take very practical approach in the design of our systems which yields confidence from managers to workers in the automation process.

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