UVEOUS presents the ideal solution for the textile industry right from management of bulk raw materials to planning & control of complex manufacturing processes, be it, woven, non-woven or knitted textiles. The profitability of an apparels manufacturing unit depends on scheduling of its machines, workmen and high level of coordination within various departments in the organization; just the right place for UVEOUS.


• Apparel

• Leather

• Composites

• Furniture

• Technical Textile

• Textile Treatment


• Product Master & BOM Management

• Pattern Design Management

• Product Attributes Sets & Set-instances

• Work Order Management

• Batch Management

• Material Management

• Material Requirement Planning

• Human Resource Management & Payroll

• Procurement

• Order Management



• Manage textile manufacturing processes for synthetic and natural yarns from raw material to weaving

• Manage leather tanning processes

Work Order Management

• Make-to-Order or Make-to-stock options.

• Plan and release work orders.

• Flexible routing sequence.

• Monitor & control production.

• Integrated with material Requirement Planning & Order Management.

Material Requirement Planning

• Supports in Procure or Manufacture Decisions.

• Calculate your net procurement demand.

• Generate Manufacturing and Purchase Orders automatically.

• Supports multi-level BOM & multi-UOM.

• Integrated with Order Management, Purchase and Manufacturing.

Product Master & BOM Management

• Product definition.

• Product specifications.

• Multiple Units of Measurement (UoM) & UoM Conversion.

• Multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) Management

• Product Attributes.

• Bath & serial numbering.

• Price Lists and Price List Versions.

Material Management

• Create your very own storage and supply structure across Warehouse and Locators.

• Get access to real time updates on your storage details.

• Optimize your stock level and storage cost.

• Conduct incoming and outgoing material using Barcode, RFID.

• Manage Shipment of Documents.

• Handle Stock Transfers with Quality Control

• Receive Storage Alerts

• Automate Storage Valuation.

• Maneuver the business with various supply chain concepts.

• Handle Drop Shipments, Logistic service providers.